Wooden kitchen knives handmade in Kyoto

East and West. Industrial design and craftsmanship. Two cultures and two design languages usually far apart from one another blend in the common language of design and tell the story of a project that spans from research to the creation of innovative products for markets around the world. This design and cultural blend produced Fusion: two kitchen knives made of ebony and white maple. Handmade in Kyoto as a limited edition by Japanese artist/craftsman Issei Hanaoka, these knives are inspired by the traditional Japanese art of wood crafting and they have a minimalist design: extremely simple yet modern and universal.

Both knives feature an ergonomic handle for slip-resistant ultra-comfort grip. They are available in two sizes and two types of blade: serrated, ideal for bread, and non-serrated, ideal for cheese, fruit, and desserts. The seamless design allows for unparalleled cleanliness and easy care. Thanks to their ultra-fine edge, the knives are extremely sharp but also easy to sharpen. For the packaging, the traditional Japanese boxes “kiribako” have been re-defined according to Italian design where shape is driven by purpose. Here the boxes enclose the products and protect them from humidity and the passing of time.

Both models are available on demand.

• Price: 12.000 Yen (Short) / 18.000 Yen (Long)
• Dimension: W262 x H34 x D18 mm / W358 x H34 x D18 mm
• Material: Ebony / White Maple