Gaze 1
Gaze 2
Gaze Parts
Gaze process work
Gaze at IDS13

The table top mirror has become an ever-vanishing product from the home. Gaze was designed to reinterpret this archetype, by stripping the object down to its basic forms. With a chrome plated steel reflective surface and oak support arm, the Gaze mirror accomplishes this objective with the use of only 3 parts. The window-like form of the reflective surface beckons the viewer to peer in for a quick fix of the hair or to straighten their necklace. It was the intent in the design to create an object that is formally striking while practical in application. Gaze was exhibited this past January at IDS13 in Toronto, Canada, where it won the Best Prototype Award.

Gaze is also one of the luckiest mirrors around – you’ll never be cursed with seven years of bad luck!