Front view of black nickel plated triptych
Close-up views of prototypes
Internal cavity
Back view of triptych
Diagram of embryonic generation
Variations front view
Genetically/geometrically modifieds

Ge-Mo is a mass customised series of 3d printed vases. Studio INTEGRATE has created the Ge-Mo vase by expanding the geometrical possibilities of Islamic art through innovative use of computation and fabrication. The designers, Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghy find that the geometric patterns found in Islamic art are still relevant to contemporary design culture and are full of untapped potential. Ge-Mo utilises the potential of 3d printing technologies by creating a non-repetitive series of objects that are otherwise very cumbersome to manufacture.
The form of each vase in the series is generated in a manner departing from symmetrical multi sided polygons; one of the fundamental components of Islamic art. Each version is the result of an existing typology, using the same base geometry, yet differentiated by the orders of combination and duplication. This method of formulated geometry retains its cultural roots yet enables the designers to achieve novel geometric expressions of a wide range of over 400 variations.
Ge-Mo also embodies the potential of what 3d-printed fabrication is offering to the contemporary design culture. As opposed to conventional fabrication methods, 3d printing does not have any design constraints and does not limit production with a specific number of moulds; hence the plethora of differentiations made possible for the fabrication of one product.