Geco Hub's flexible components bend and adapt their shape around objects in different ways.
Geco Hub is able to hold a wide variety of different things.
Whether ordinary or obscure Geco Hub can handle it.
Geco Hub can function as a desk tidy, keeping your work surface free whilst still having the important things at hand.
Geco Hub fits in effortlessly with your day-to-day routine, becoming the place you can rely on to always have the things you need.
Having interchangeable components and a modular design creates some interesting results...
Geco Hub installations can expand to be as large as needed, whether for increased storage capacity or an increased visual impact (or both!)
As Geco Hub can be installed without screws it can be put places other wall mounted storage products just can't go.

Geco Hub is the the colourful curator of things that keeps important everyday belongings out of the clutter and readily at hand. Its modular and customisable form can be wall-mounted without screws and assembled out of the box without tools in just a few minutes.

Geco Hub goes against the way we normally handle our everyday belongings – piling them on desks, putting them on coffee tables or hiding them in drawers – and instead looks to liberate the important from the limbo of everyday clutter by having them ready to use in the most convenient place possible. Whether holding the envelope that needs posting alongside the stamps by the door, or holding your phone above a power-port whilst it’s charging at your bedside, Geco Hub helps to keep track of things and remind you what’s important, when it’s important.

Geco Hub is currently live on Kickstarter – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/version22design/geco-hub-stop-losing-in-style