The four products of the collection: Discomfort, Inadequacy, Aimlessness and Nostalgia. Credits: Ricardo Perini
Discomfort is represented by the rocking chair. A hanging lamp attached to the rocking chair makes it impossible to read. The light keeps moving, there is something wrong with the things around you. Credits: Ricardo Perini
The wooden structure is made of Eucalyptus. Credits: Ricardo Perini
Three different kinds of white textiles were used on the seat: leather, velvet and linen. Credits: Ricardo Perini
The lamp has a concrete base and a plastic lampshade. Credits: Ricardo Perini
Aimlessness is represented by the coffee table. This table can’t decide where to go. Its wheels are stuck on a position that makes it spin around its own axis, never moving from its comfortable position. Credits: Ricardo Perini
The table is covered by the same textiles as the chair seat. The wheels are made of concrete. Credits: Ricardo Perini
Nostalgia is represented by the clock. With a single roll of paper printed with numbers, this manual clock makes sure you realize exactly where you stand on the time flow: the present. By spinning the handle, you make the paper move, future is unveiled and the past is “killed” on a paper shredder. Credits: Ricardo Perini
Inadequacy is represented by the forkglass. Its multiple functions make the forkglass a product with no real function: it does not fit the standards we have. Credits: Ricardo Perini
The fork glass is made of porcelain, with no glazing. Credits: Ricardo Perini

Lost. As young designers, that is how we have been feeling lately. So we decided to explore this feeling, and try to understand it.
We concluded there are four main reasons to feeling lost, and designed a product for each one of them: inadequacy, discomfort, aimlessness and nostalgia.
Inadequacy as the feeling of not having a clear function in society, not knowing what to do, because your abilities seem useless.
Discomfort as the feeling you get when nothing feels right about the environment around you, when everything bothers you.
Aimlessness as a feeling of not being able to decide what your next move is. Is there a right path to follow?
Nostalgia as the feeling of not knowing where you are on time. You are lost in memories of the past, or dreaming of a bright future, going to the office everyday thinking about traveling around the world.
At first glance the products seem to have a very clean and simple design, but a closer look reveals an unusual combination of different materials. Different white textiles, Eucalyptus wood, concrete, plastic and porcelain.
The four products were presented at the Ventura Hive exhibition, part of Ventura Lambrate during the Milan Design Week 2014.