Goldencycle one
Goldencycle one front brake
Goldencycle crank
Goldencycle rim

Given the gold details of this fine, German fixie, you’d think the Goldencycle Gold One Cycle is worth a million bucks. Despite the visual elegance, its designer focused on cost savings to make it available to the commuting class, not the collector’s circuit. The Gold One Cycle is a pure, stripped-down cycle that provides only the basics — plus a single brake — for lightweight, low-cost riding enjoyment. While this bike from Goldencycle might be as sexy as some of the five-figure luxury bikes we’ve seen in recent years, this one is available for about $750 after conversion from Euro.

The Goldencycle Gold One Cycle is built on a custom frame and a collection of components designed in-house that are based on three years of testing and research. The bike features aluminum construction and bright, gold-colored details that stand out on the street. Some may scoff at the lack of carbon fiber buzzwords or smartphone connectivity, but that isn’t the point. This is a bike like they used to build them, a two-wheel, crank-and-chain fixie that eschews all the fluffy stuff for good old-fashioned riding. It’s rigid, tough and fast, and boy does it look good in the process.

The Goldencycle Gold One Cycle will be available by September 1st.