‘Got Four’ is a restyled version of the well known game ‘Connect Four’ / ‘Four In A Row’. It continues the same concept based on the leather notebooks that was used to create ‘Got Chess’. The game now consists of 4 small plates, wrapped in a leather cover that can be used as a playing pad. Two of the plates house the playing pieces, and the other two plates form the playing board.

The difference between the original game and ‘Got Four’ is that the playing grid is now horizontal instead of vertical. This means there is no gravity letting the pieces fall to the bottom. Therefore before playing, one side must be chosen to be the ‘bottom’ of the grid (or you can change the rules and play a different type of game, like Tic Tac Toe for instance…)

Just as with ‘Got Chess’, the game is only fully visible for the two players, from a side view all the pieces look alike.

Because wood is used in combination with a varnish that keeps the woodgrains visible, the game gets a more warm and classy look than the typical red, yellow and blue colorway.

This set was lasercut by Retroworks Supply, then hand finished by myself.