Gradient rug. Photo credit: Luís Nascimento
Gradient rug top view. Photo credit: Luís Nascimento
Gradient technique detail. Photo credit: Luís Nascimento
Gradient rug. Photo credit: Luís Nascimento
Comparison between the gradients with the hand tufted technique and the new process . Photo credit: Luís Nascimento
hand tufting process. Photo credit: Luís Nascimento

In product design, the process is as important as the result. Gradient challenges the hand tufted process and thus reaches a completely
different result.

Handmade or with a machine (CNC), to tuft a rug consists to insert fibers
into a canvas, back to front. The design defines the different area to separately tuft with pre chosen colors.The final result depends on the number of the threads that are used, the level of detail into the design and the method in the execution of the tufting. Whatever are detailed the design, the technical implementation and the colors available, the differences between each distinct area of the rug would be always noticed.

Gradient is a revolutionary process which works directly on the surface of
the rug which is uniformly tufted with the same color, allowing thus to be more efficient. In the final stage of the process, the rug is directly sprayed:
It does not change the fiber quality; In other words, it consists in painting the rug, in order to give smooth color gradient which would be impossible to get only with a tufted process. The final result is surprising, and the range of gradient can be as small or as large that one may decide.