Green Box, is a LG’s concept microwave oven design that takes into account the negative phenomenon of microwave radiation by tactically adapting Green properties to develop a concept that is both ethical and which satisfies its Green purpose. The concept reflects the positive intent of LG, in how they approach their future customers, by addressing the negative issue of microwave radiation and, through this, finding an innovative solution to a key health issue of the microwave oven, as well as providing a match of material and characteristic to the microwave unit.

Since 1971, the microwave market has adapted the black mesh shield for microwave insulation. That the microwave shield has existed in the same format for over 40 years suggests that there has been no convincing challenge to this hidden, yet vital, element. This may be because it appeared to work sufficiently and had not encountered any problem, at least, until recently.

Green Box is a microwave oven design that adapts green transparent mica sheet or film to replace the conventional black mesh display. There are numerous advantages to this design. The screen performs as a complete microwave insulation shield, a vital requirement of this element, but it has the additional advantage of being a non-hole protective unit. This means that, unlike the existing microwave oven window, it does not have a ‘blurred’ view, which is created by the tiny holes, but it provides, instead, a whole transparent screen that allows for a complete view of the interior, without any mosaic quality. Additionally, the natural green of the mica also visually supports the ethical nature of the design – the Green element. In other words, the delicate combination between the material and the purpose creates an affirmative image that provides an inter-relationship between the phenomenological awareness, consumer and the marketing.