image by Thomas Voorn
image by Thomas Voorn
image by Thomas Voorn
image by Thomas Voorn
image by Thomas Voorn
image by Thomas Voorn

GUMMI C turns an ordinary rubber band into a refined bracelet!?

Nothing comes in more handy than a rubber band. Use it to tie your hair into a ponytail, keep a bunch of envelopes together or use it as a slingshot.

Look beyond its functionality… and you can see a bracelet!

The rubber band is often worn thoughtlessly around the arm. By adding Gummi C, a plain rubber band around the wrist is turned into an icon of nonchalant elegance and effortless style.

?How does it work??

Simply stretch your rubber band and fit a Gummi C shape onto the thinner part. Stretch back and Gummi C will stay fixed.

?If your rubber band gets worn-out, replace it with a new one (10 extra bands and manual included).

Gummi C is a small series of different shapes like Ball, Disk and Square. It is executed in high quality materials such as sterling silver, goldplated sterling silver or gold 14K.

Martine Viergever studied goldsmithing techniques at ‘ROC Vakschool voor Goudsmeden’ in Schoonhoven. She continued her studies at the Fashion department of the ‘Willem de Kooning Art Academy’ in Rotterdam which she completed cum laude in 2003. She gained working experience at the avantgarde fashion label Bless in Berlin. ‘Things that might as well be..’ is the telling title of her first jewellery collection. Launched in 2006, ‘Things That Might As Well Be..’ is a constantly evolving collection of jewellery to which new items are consistently added.
Martine Viergever rejects decoration. It therefore seems exceptional to choose to design jewellery. She tries to avoid frivolous body-embellishment and looks for natural simplicity and nonchalance.
Martine Viergever’s designs aim to question valuability, wearability and esthetics.
By making use of universal recognition, nostalgia and humour her designs are able to appeal.
Every jewellery piece is handcrafted in Martine Viergever’s studio and executed in high-quality materials.