How much water have you already drunk today? Probably not enough, hm? 75% of people suffer from chronic dehydration which is causing serious health issues. Chances that you are one of them are very high. Side effects of not drinking enough water can have effect on your kidneys, stomach pain or heartburn. You can overcome this by giving to our parched body what it needs – plenty of fresh water! Very often we forget, or we don’t even feel thirsty at all…

EQUA is trying to decrease dehydration by offering reusable water bottles. EQUA bottles are made from healthy and ecological materials with modern and appealing designs which will encourage you to take your bottle anywhere you go and drink more.

Modern technology brings another way to improve your drinking habits! H2O-Pal is a very smart bottle with a special device which will be monitoring your daily water intake for you! It is a low energy iPhone supported device that measures and encourages proper hydration habits. Measuring device connected to the bottom of the bottle will send all information to your phone and you can always track how your drinking habits are progressing with a simple click on your iPhone. Moreover H2O-Pal will also remind you when it is time to take another sip.

We are very proud that our bottles were chosen to become part of such an innovative and helpful hi-tech product.
H2O-Pal will not only help you take care of your health, but thanks to its beautiful design will become your favorite accessory.

H2O-Pal is now available on Kickstarter – http://kck.st/1icZmW4

We would really appreciate if you would spread the word and help us to succeed with this project.


If the project succeeds we would be happy to send you your own H2O-Pal to express our appreciation of your help and spreading the word, just let us know you like it by replying to this email.

P.S: Get more information material in our PR box here – http://bit.ly/16xqxLm

Kindest regards,

Martina Danihelková
Marketing Assistant at EQUA
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