Halo is a modern interpretation of the classic monocle. It functions as a traditional magnifying light, but is designed in a smaller and more attractive format. It’s small enough to keep in your pocket at all time, to assist you in any situation where extra light and better sight is needed. With Halo you can for example read the menu at your favorite restaurant when your eyesight starts to fail you, even if the type is small and the light is low.
With the press of a button an OLED-ring will enlight what you are reading. It comes with a high-quality leather cover that keeps it clean and prevents damage. Just like the traditional monocle you can attach the chain or string to the inside of your pocket to always be sure where you got it when you need it!

Halo is a part of LOTS Design’s latest collection “LOTS of Expectations”, where we have developed concepts based on the theme of the Baby boom generation’s high expectations on their retirement. See the collection as a whole at http://lotsdesign.se/lots_of_expectations_eng.html

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