one of my happy cloud cruiser

The Happy Cloud Cruiser is a 100% handcrafted, 24? skateboard inspired by vintage surfboards and skateboards.

When I made the first one I used the trucks I had laying around… And loved it! So the boards come with Paris 180mm trucks and large wheels that give it a very stable ride, perfect for cruising. That is what I love to do and cruising is good for your soul. Get out early on a nice Saturday morning, when you have nowhere to be and no hurry to get there… Just cruise, carve and be happy!

The boards are handmade with love and I do my best to keep the production as green as possible by using sustainable materials like reclaimed birch plywood, red oak, maple and cherry hardwood. The boards are doodled, hand painted, block printed or screen printed by me, using water based inks and paints and coated with water based, non-toxic, Safecoat Polyureseal.