BEATRIX & GERTRUDE handing pendants
FLORENCE wall trellis in marigold and tangelo
BEATRIX & GERTRUDE handing pendants in marigold
BEATRIX & GERTRUDE handing pendants in tangelo
MARIAN mini pendants
BEATRIX & GERTRUDE handing pendants in fig
BEATRIX & GERTRUDE handing pendants in fig
FLORENCE wall trellis in tangelo

HEDGE is a collection of colorful, modern hanging planters tailored for urban living. The collection is notable for its versatility, ease of use, clean geometry, and craftsmanship. The planters are suitable for almost any living space and can be used either indoors or outdoors. The planters are a combination of traditional craft and new materials. The frame is made of bent, powder-coated steel by craftspeople in Los Angeles. The insert, made with a sustainable coconut and latex material, is commonly used in hydroponics but is unique among home garden products. It provides great drainage for drought-tolerant succulents and cactus, herbs, ferns, and any plant that thrives in a small pot. Each of the five planters in the collection is named after a pioneer woman of landscape and garden design: Gertrude Jekyll, Beatrix Farrand, Marian Cruger Coffin, and Florence Bell Robinson defied the male-dominated field and created garden spaces that continue to be celebrated today. The collection is available in fig, tangelo, and marigold

Photo credits for all images: Stella Kalinina