Terrazzo as we know was first seen around the time of the Italian Renaissance. Waste marble was crushed and used to cast the floors, and so the name stuck. TERRAZZO! It really is a fascinating material to work with and was on my personal ‘to do’ list for quite some time. Jan te Linteloo supported my idea to cast a low side table in this material, and consequently my hexagon table was born. The wet cast method of production is quite simple: a fluid mix is poured into a mold and allowed to harden. Because of the fluid, it allows the designed shapes to be moulded into more complex and intricate shapes. After the material has hardened you grind and polish the table top, and all kinds of colors appear such as marble stone & glass! Because of the shape several of these tables can be connected in a playful manner. You can use just one three legged table element next to your sofa or simply connect a few hexagon units in the middle of your room and create a table pattern.

Deisgn: Roderick Vos
Photos: Studio Reflex.