I would like to present the new collection of lighting (2013) designed for a lighting store in Tbilisi, Georgia-
New Light. The collaboration between the designer Ia Kutateladze and the comapany New Light, will
help the development process of product design field in Georgia. It is the first time, when the
Georgian designer, manufacturing the products in Georgia, collaborates with a product store in Tbilisi.
The lighting pieces are presented at the main showroom of the store, and will be widely available to the
Georgian customers.
The collection includes Ballon1, Ballon2, Ballon3 pendants. The materials are oak wood and plastic.
The plastic shade is stringed on the oak sphere, it is completely removable and rotatable.
The light could be directed with the rotation of the shade.
Wirebird chandelier and floor lamp, is a simple lighting family. Wirebird chandelier has one large,
four smaller shades, that are made of painted metal strings and oak wood.
The wirebird floor lamp is a flexible lamp, with removable shades, which could be removed from the
metal structure and placed anywhere.
The Lightsha family includes a chandelier, pendant and a floor lamp. It is a result of the experimentation
between shadow and light, white and black, simple surfaces and distinct lines.
The Seethrough lighting family includes two pendants and a floor lamp. The shapes are simple,
with an extruded volume. Made of oak and glass.