a4 - while at home


As a reader of your gadget reviews, I am aware that your audience is constantly looking for innovative technology products that can help simplify their daily lives. The company I represent, IDAPT, has a line of universal charging stations compatible with over 4,500 mobile devices, which I believe will be of interest to you and your readers.

To ease the lives of those of us who own more than two mobile devices IDAPT has created the i4, a multiple charger capable of saving its users vital time and space. Instead of wrestling with a never-ending array of cords and tips, this charger allows us to juice up to four gadgets simultaneously. IDAPT’s products have been awarded at prestigious consumer electronics trade shows around the world, including CES, MacWorld and MWC Barcelona. You can see how they work here http://youtu.be/6cLSauQKrcY or visit our webpage at www.idaptweb.com.

We believe our products should form part of every modern home. Our company would love to have the opportunity to send you some samples for review. If you’re interested in obtaining more information, please send me your mailing address.

Best regards,

Viviana Marin