IDAPT i4 Charging Station

The IDAPT i4 is a universal charging station compatible with over 4,500 mobile devices. It is capable of charging up to four simultaneously, thanks to a patented system of interchangeable tips. The i4 aims to rid every household of the kind of cable clutter caused by the ownership of multiple mobile devices and the chargers that come along with them.

The IDAPT i4 is a green solution for the home. Since it’s capable of recharging almost any mobile device in existence, it helps prevent the manufacturing of thousands of others chargers that can only serve a single device. It also comes with a power button, which allows users to turn it off when not in use, this way, preventing vampiric power draw.

Compact and stylish, our product is available in a variety of colors to enhance any decor. This item is perfect for the modern home, where there is usually a plethora of mobile devices, as it eliminates dusty cables and spaghetti wiring.