'In Order' by I-Han Chen.
The underneath view of the lamp.
The combination of two kinds of furniture.
The detail of 'In Order'.
The lit pattern guilds users to place things in order.
In the stockholm furniture fair 2012

what if a piece of furniture got a personality just like a human?
what if two pieces of furniture could combine and share the same space in living room?

The idea of ‘In Order’ came from a type of personality, which is called “neat freak”. people with this kind of personality always want to put things in order; everything in their life has to be tidy and properly arranged. You could say it a pattern of behavior in one’s personality. Additionally,’In Order’ is the combination of a floor lamp and a side table. By this combination, the floor lamp and side table could share the same space in the living room. When the lamp is turned on, a pattern of shadows appear on the surface of the table. The projection of shadows is a lit three-circle pattern. it not only guilds user to place things in order, but also highlights the objects that you use daily.