This was a birthday present for my wife, Suzy. When I saw this piece of Metasequoia, there was bark on the holes that reminded me of eyes with eyeliner. Suzy and I went to the Junior Prom together in 1990 (and reconnected sixteen years later, got married and had two children). The theme song was Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”. I used reclaimed copper pipes and fittings and wove them through two slabs of oilded and partially stained (ebony stain in the holes) metasequoia. The two sets of legs represent the two of us dancing. One is perfectly plumb — Suzy is an exceptional dancer. The other isn’t — this poor form represents my inability to dance. They connect in the center of the piece, where four pipes emerge through the lower slab representing our family: me, Suzy, our son, Orion, and our daughter, GG — who was only crawling when I made this piece.

Photo Credits: Robert Lowell Photography