Invisible City, design studio, launches its first handmade furniture collection, Incunabular, designed by Creative Director, Simon Moorhouse. The collection debuts with the Incunabular Side Table, which is available to buy today through Invisible City.

Simon Moorhouse describes the table “as having an irreducible simplicity and is the essence of Incunabular.” The collection takes its dimensions and ratios from the international paper standard ISO 216, Series A. The geometric rationale behind this series is the square root of 2, which maintains the aspect ratio of each subsequent module, i.e. A3, A4, A5 etc.

The collection is handmade in the southeast of England and blends traditional craftsmanship with innovative modern design. It will launch with a side table, sideboard, tallboy and armoire to be released during November.

The debut piece is handmade using high quality, sustainably sourced, solid wood. The side table is available in black American walnut, ash or oak and finished in Danish or white oil. The draw front is available in selected colours or in matching wood. Additional colours are available upon request.

The complete Incunabular collection will be available to purchase in the new year through the Invisible City website.