This period of Olympics will be held in the city of London who intends to expose its beauty, dynamic and diversity to everyone. Dynamic and union elements can be found within the chain reactions in the domino games where the elements move forward by sliding over each other’s arm.

The proposed design consists of 14 elements representing the 14 days of Olympics and Paralympics games which are following the domino game’s strategy. To fulfill the informative characteristics of the design, screens will be employed as the elements of our design.

The church bell sound effect is considered as the stimulant for each display screens. On the Olympics opening day, the first screen is turned on with the church bell and demonstrates the opening ceremony, sport news and some advertisements and turns off with the same sound at the end of the day. Then it begins to fall off toward the second screen via a motor which is located at the backside of the screen. It bends and moves forward until it touches the second screen and then ceases its motion. At this moment, the second one turns on and starts disseminating the information. Then it turns off with the church bell, the same manner as the first screen and falls off toward the third one. This process repeats for all 14 screens during the 14 days of Olympics games.

However it is planned to differentiate this process for the last screen to create excitement and mystery. For this purpose, the dimension of the last screen is designed larger than others; underneath the screen, sand hill with a trough in the shape of the last display screen is designed so that it appears that the last screen has created such a form by falling into the hill. Although the surprising event would be that the last screen will not fall off but will be deviated several degrees from perpendicular plan and will remain stable at that position.

As far as the material, glass frames are considered for the first and last screen and metal colorful frames with the colors of Olympics flag are envisioned for the other ones. The second and thirteenth display screens are white similar to the background of the Olympics flag and the other screen boards between them are in the color of the circles in the Olympic flag. In addition, the reason for the different material of the first and last ones from the other ones symbolizes the meaning of the first and last domino elements as well as the openings and closing ceremonies.

Finally it should be mentioned that the opportunity of broadcasting advertisement by the screens supports the design cost and provides profits. In addition these screens are designed to be portable so that they can be used in more events.

Sincerely Yours,

Abtin Shahverdi-Ali Razavi