Draw something inside the lamp!
draw on outside surface, continuing the inside drawing.
Tilting the lampshade hiding inside.
child draw at milan furniture fair 2012
in the dark
wood-turned base, texture detail

Adults are always playing the dominant role in terms of interior design. Children can only have their furniture in their room, and they are usually regarded as toys or childish furniture. Hence, it is challenging and interesting to make furniture, which is not only from an adult perspective but also has play signals, inviting kids to play with it.
Drawing from both inside and outside on the lampshade(double layer polycarbonate sheets), playing with the light effect showing the inside drawing or continuing the drawing from both side, the material make it really easy to wipe off the drawing. The lamp provides new ways of interaction between adults and kids.

The light source is LED, therefore it won’t generate high-temperature heat, it provide a safe space for children drawing inside the lampshade.