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Instant Products – Funding a new dynamic of temporary living

Among others, sustainability begins at the alignment as well as to the relation of the utility.
Thus, there are not only durable and solid products which can be environmentally friendly in terms of production and disposal.
As long as the used materials are correctly sortable and the possibility for proper disposal is given, the durability is not an issue!

Ensuing from an empty room that needs to become someone’s living space for an uncertain or temporary shorttime period and needs to offer the equipment of the basic needs, the products as well as the utility for the user are well placed.

Prospective students and trainees, long-term students, business travellers, contemporary inhabitants, simply people who have just setteled or those who are fundamentally practical thinking users usually are slightly interested in long-term aquisitions.

And this exactly is the potential for Instant Products, which is not a pathetic display, but an argument for a clever solution.
A new kind of “dynamic furnishment” is born.

Conceivable scenarios in which companies rent rooms for their field personell, “the basic needs” can be redefined as individual needs which can purchased directly in the 24-hour shop around the corner, from the landlord or the travel agency.