A.Q.B Group Corporate Office: Constructing Identities.

Envisioned as a forthright medium to communicate the business ideologies of A.Q.B Group, a design construction firm based in Bangalore, India; this crafted interior project located in the prime center of the city’s financial district,is a powerful reflection of the company’s passion for design and its ambition to be a responsible contributor to India’s future built environment.

The conceptual origins of this project began from a conscious involvement and participation of all members of the business family, from accounting staff to the carpenters, towards the design process. This synergy helped foster a unique bond between the office space and its users. As a result, the space has grown out of an assimilation of little details that celebrate Indian ingenuity and stories that make up the office – lending a fresh, personal narrative to the interior space.

The space, in plan is essentially composed of two halves, separated sectionally by a voluminous atrium. This atrium is wrapped by a continuous tessellated structure that originates from the core skylight. Functionally, the atrium designed to be a waiting space, contributes to the air circulation in the office via a pivoted skylight.

The atrium constitutes the essence of the project. The skylight along with the tessellations renders an experience of movement and energy to the visitor. From this waiting space, the visitor is seated in the heart of the office, surrounded by spaces that house the staff, managerial cabins and dynamic meeting spaces that look out onto spectacular views of the city.

The construction of the tessellations optimized the use of dismantled square steel scaffolding from an incomplete building. Reusing the steel as a skeletal base, the project up-cycles MDF and plywood, previously used as templates for interior stone work. The palette comes together to form a phenomenological experience.

In contrast to the imposing atrium, the visitors’ journey through A.Q.Bs’ corporate office is articulated with carefully curated objects, furniture and light fixtures.

Possessing the qualities of a contemporary beacon, a set of parallel LED strips, encased in repurposed aluminum glass channels, suspended delicately by fine steel cables subtly guide visitors from the entrance to the meeting spaces. Customized light pieces, composed from galvanized metal scraps and discarded light stands, originally used in Bollywood film production, have been used strategically. LED lights, placed in discarded PVC pipes from previously completed construction projects, light the rest of the office space.

Conscious efforts in sourcing the wood for the corporate offices’ bespoke furniture led to salvaging Burma teak beams from demolished colonial homes. The art deco inspired furniture is clad with leather in different hues of natural dye, adding pops of color against a titanium gray cement floor.

A deliberate assemblage of retro detailing with deconstructed tessellations, along with an honest representation of materials, in terms of texture and color gives the space a consistency that attempts to stand the test of time. A space that is more than a corporate identity, a space that is a personification of the ideals that makes A.Q.B Group.

A.Q.B is Attention to Quality in Business, a design construction company based out of Bangalore, India. Founded by father and son team, Raja Udayshankar and Raja Arjun.