Invader – to enter (a place, situation, or sphere of activity) in large numbers.

Materials: Maple wood and steel profiles.

Danish designer Maria Bruun has designed the Invader storage system.
Invader consist of a number of modules that fit perfectly into each other. When using them separately, each module has a wonderful character to it and is somewhat a statement piece for your living room.

Invader is a series of storage furniture with a focus on maximum flexibility for its user. Its modular flexibility, and construction on wheels creates a multiple of spatial solutions, and fills the need for both hidden and open storage.

The light long-legged aesthetic makes us question gravity and strength of the wooden legs, but a metal core in the construction provides maximal strength and allows the clean and simple, almost rigorous character of the furniture to stand out.

The stackable storage modules have a variation of three sizes and three basic functions; the drawer, the cabinet, and the surface. These three functions are the basic storage needs. A cabinet or drawer where we can hide the things that we do not want the world to see and a surface where we can stage the objects and stories we want the world to see.

The piece is inspired by its users needs and ways of living.
How do we tell stories and stage our life and identity though our storage and collected objects. The project revolves around individual ways of living, collecting and creating what constitutes “home”.