Sculpture, inflatable PVC, 2010
150×140 cm

In the framework of a recent exhibit dealing in typography, Bartal chose to present a sculpture created by breaking down the word JUDE to its four letters. The letters were presented on top of one another in two lines (similar to Robert Indiana’s familiar LOVE sculpture, a Hebrew version of which can be found at the Israel Museum). At first glance, this is an optimistic piece, light and bright (the material of the sculpture is reminiscent of trampolines and other such games from small children’s birthday parties), but it is clear that the choice of the word “Jewish,” especially in bright yellow, recalls the historical connotations of the yellow badge and of the history of the Holocaust. Only then does the initial cheerfulness quickly give way to a much darker and complex sensation.

Eitan Bartal was born in Tel Aviv, where he lives and works today. He graduated from the Academy of Art and Design “Bezalel” in Jerusalem (1992), works as an artist and a designer and defines himself as a “Visual Rhetorician”. He currently works as a senior lecturer and faculty member of Holon Academic Institute of Technology (HIT), and from 2005-2008 he served as Head of Communications Department.