Katris 1
Katris acts like a bench
Katris utilize a corner space
Katris 3
Katris 4
Katris 5
Katris 6
Katris 10
Katris 12
Katris 11

“Katris” (CAT + TETRIS), it will revolutionize how cat owner interact with their cat(s). Katris is a cat tree, a bookshelf, a cat scratcher, a coffee table, a shoe rack and a cat climbing pole. The use case is endless with the Tetris shape like design, end user creates their own multiple purposes furniture for the same amount of area would normally occupy by a single purpose furniture. Ultimately it creates a space that allows pet owner to interact with their cat(s).

Katris is Modular
• Every shape is well designed for easy assembling experience.
• It’s cat scratcher, cat tree, furniture, home decoration and more.
• Katris clips are provided to build and secure your creative ideas.

Katris is Durable
• Handcrafted to ensure precision in every piece.
• Top grade B flute material makes Katris stronger.
• Each piece assembled by 204 sheets of paper.

Katris is Non-toxic
• SGS certified non-toxic glue used onall assembling process.
• No ink were used, keeping it original & organic color.
• 100% organic catnip come with the katris as a gift.

Katris is Eco-friendly
• 100% recyclable materials have been used on this product.
• 90% post consumers recycle content for the paper we used.
• FSC certified paper from responsible sources.