Created as a collaboration between Paris based designers Mathias Astúa (www.atelierastua.com) and Louis Maucout (www.louismaucout.com), Kibako is a wall lamp that puts in confrontation the traditional japanese lamp, the an-don, with the abstraction of modernity.
Turned off, Kibako pesents itself as the simplest expression of a an-don volume: a rectangular parallelepiped.

Turned on, the lamp reveals its only ornamental detail: the wood’s veins.
The soft lighting is obtained by filtering LED lights trough a thin wood veneer sheet. This treatment allows for a natural vibration similar to the one found in traditional lamps made with candles.
Also, a small halo of light separates the Kibako lamp from the wall, accentuating its shape when the lamp is in the dark.

*All photos credits to Ioana Mello (www.ioanamello.blogspot.com)