La Mezcaletca Bar - Photos by David Jilkyns - @Jilkyns

La Mezcalteca – Plaza Jazz, Puebla, México
Construcción: 105 m2 Año: 2014

The project is focused on the transcription of the culture of the Mezcal, Oaxaca mainly. With the intention of showing textures, colors and feelings, in a contemporary way, this is how the concept of this new place is achieved, the home of Mezcal.
Apparent project materials surround us in a natural and traditional space, mixing them in symmetrical shapes that represent modernity, a reproduction of the traditional forms in a modern language. Items such as wood, metal, stone and vegetation are the main actors, which introduce us to the way of living space to enjoy the culinary customs.
The kitchen becomes a showcase of the processes, which opens onto the restaurant completely showing its interior, sharing culture. The touch of the decor is the living plants that invaded the backgrounds doing quite a mixture of warm colors. Generating, all elements combined, a concept of spreading the pleasure of the life of Mezcal.

Photos by David Jilkyns – @Jilkyns