LaFlor Lamp
LaFlor Lamp
LaFlor Lamp detail
LaFlor Lamp
LaFlor Lamp is easy to assembly and disassembly.
The bottle is sliced with a diamond saw
The bottle is cleaned by passing it through different abrasives
the first step to create the shade is the cutting of the copper plate
using different punches the craftsman gives shape to the lampshade

LaFlor is a suspension lamp created by Nutcreatives studio for a spanish brand Lucirmás.
LaFlor Lamp combines the upcycle of a glass bottle with the design of a lampshade in copper in order to revive the lasting beauty of a lamp. The new object is totally handmade by local artisans using traditional manufacturing methods and with low technologies.
You can use it as a single unit or combined in a sequence of more elements .
This functional and timeless lamp fits in every place –homes, restaurants, hotels- and it becomes an item with lasting value over time.
LaFlor is easy to assembly and disassembly. The lampshade in copper is realized to keep his luster over time, and the final result with enamel fixed by oven allows distinguish the lamp into 3 different colours: white, yellow and black-brown.

About the design process Nutcreatives studio tell:

Our main goals were:

1. No excuses. “When designing a piece with a recycled raw material such as a glass bottle, our main goal is to create a piece that works by itself. A lamp is a lamp, no matter what is made of. To use recycled stuff is not an excuse to do a worse product”.
2. Local production. The main producer, Lucirmás, is a local artisan from Barcelona, so we tried to work with other local small industries for the rest of the pieces, so we did with the copper lampshade.
3. Perfect logistics. LaFlor is easy to assembly and disassembly by the final user. Also, it has been designed in order to be sent by post, so it is both as lightweight and as flatpack as possible.
4. Lasting. We wanted to create a product that could last over generations. So we created a lamp with noble materials and far away from current fashion trends.