The Eadry Royal Garden Hotel, Haikou China
Lakeview Restaurant
Restaurant Category

Design Scope: Interior and Architectural Design
Client: Haikou Hongzhou Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Floor Area: 713?
Project Nature: 5-Star Hotel
Location: Lingshan, Haikou City
Completion: 2012/02

The Eadry Royal Garden Hotel in Haikou, China, born with its unique temperament, gladly sheds the overflowing Southeast Asia style or the more simplistic Mediterranean style and stands proudly displaying its own unique heritage. It is a beloved child of the traditional Chinese Royal Courtyard. The symmetrical complex of buildings, arranged strictly about its central axis, showcases the garden as the centre piece while emphasizing the formal arrangement of solid and void. By the side of this courtyard complex stands the jewel like Lakeview Restaurant.

According to ancient Asian philosophy the building blocks of all nature and humanity are the five elements of Earth, Fire, Gold, Water and Wood. From a geographical point of view, it is believed that all five elements inhabit the four different points of the compass with Water and Fire representing North and South and Wood and Gold signifying East and West respectively with the Earth at its heart.

The layout of the Restaurant, inspired by this philosophy, has its main dining hall as its central Earth element while the West placed entrance signifies Gold and the abundance of wealth, success and prosperity for the client. North of the dining space is the peaceful and serene Study Space, reminiscent of a calm body of water with the fiery South picked as the obvious location for the Kitchen. The luxury Lounge located on the Eastern axis also draws on the Chinese idiom that “precious air comes from the East” by treating every visitor as a cherished guest.

The Restaurant, designed as a secluded, private and exclusive dining and entertainment space, reinterprets the traditional and vibrant Chinese architecture in a more refined contemporary fashion with the use neutral tones combined with dark stone, warm wood, soft silks, modern furniture and custom designed light fixtures.

The central raised “stage” with its treated black stone flooring and magnificent views across the lake, the entrance courtyard and the lakeside outdoor terrace, creates the setting for the grand circular dining table. A Chinese ceremonial tea table, made from a tree root carving, part sculpture part furniture, stands between the Dining Space and the quiet and tender Luxury Lounge while the tranquil study with exquisite wooden screens, Ming Dynasty style furniture and wood carved art offers a space for peaceful, post-dinner contemplation and conversation rarely found in a restaurant.

The comfortable Karaoke Room provides the more local and typical after dinner entertainment in a room where the windows have been sealed off on the two sides and additional screens provided for the remaining openings to create an ambiance required for its use.

When one walks into the Lakeview Restaurant, you recognize the sensation of being touched by the space and in turn, this sensation will lead your heart. Every occasion of discovery here is akin to reading the history, the culture and the humanity and the feeling of transgression of the freedom from the vulgarity.