Landscape Forms is pleased to announce the introduction of LEO, the newest, most advanced and most versatile lighting in the company’s offering of outdoor LED lighting solutions. LEO includes both pedestrian (12-16 feet height) and streetscape (20-25 height) lighting with a fresh aesthetic and genuine versatility. While Landscape Forms has pioneered the design of lighting products as part of integrated site furnishing collections, LEO has a mission all its own.

It is a universal light that stands alone, works well with a wide range of Landscape Forms furniture products, complements contemporary and traditional settings, and can be retrofit to poles from any manufacturer in existing installations, making it possible to bring leading edge LED technology and a whole new look to existing landscapes without costly infrastructure change. In the scope of its intention and clarity of its design, LEO is a forward-looking lighting solution for helping designers and clients create a sense of place. LEO’s smart design is the work of master industrial designer John Rizzi and award-winning lighting design firm Clanton & Associates, Inc.

A generous domed canopy in two sizes with poles in corresponding heights create pedestrian and streetscape lights with contrasting scale and common style. Landscape Forms married the form with LED technology and innovative optics designed by in-house engineers to develop lighting that delivers energy efficiencies, a superior visual experience, functional versatility, and health and environmental benefits.

Inspired by nature, LEO contains the Awen™ LED optic was developed to create a better visual experience. Two challenges facing the market’s adoption of LED’s are the uni-directional nature of the light source and the seemingly unavoidable glare. The Awen™ LED optic is designed to address both issues by splitting the directional light source into as many aiming angles as possible thereby directionally controlling the light distribution and reducing glare at any given point. The development of the Awen™ LED optic was a yearlong exercise in scavenging all the available rays of light and sending them on trajectories where the light would be needed. Improved distribution and minimized glare combine in the Awen LED Optic which delivers a staggering 92% efficiency.