My name is Erik Remmers and I’m a young designer from The Netherlands. This year i’m spending a lot more time at my studio to make some interesting designs. I have a job as an interior designer and I hope to make my own business a success this year. The Level coffee tables are the first prototypes that are ready and I would love to see it online @MocoLoco so that other people and companies who may be interested can see it and maybe contact me. As a young designer I don’t have enough money to take in production so I hope that I can find a design label who is interested in producing my design.

A description about Level:
A coffee table with a playful en friendly character. The round formed legs go smooth along the side of the tabletop and the upper side is totally flat.
The combinations of the wood and bright colors of the legs make an surprising appearance, which gives an good impulse in every interior.
Because of the different sizes of the Level tables you can create every setting you like, and they are also a nice eye-catcher by themselves.

Sizes: Ø40x45cm + Ø70x25cm
Material: Solid Oak, lacquered + Powder coated steel

A short bio of me:
Childhood inspiration trough creative projects, experience in woodworking and interior business and an education in Design, Art and Technology (DAT)
in ’s-Hertogenbosch make Erik Remmers a designer with a typical and recognizable style. Lighthearted, colorful, modern and clear are the pillars of his designs.
Through this he wants to bring color, progress and innovation in each interior. Bright designs without frills that distract from the appearance of the furniture.
The designs are eye catchers on its own which brings a smile on people’s faces, the Level tables are a striking example. Contact him to see what he can do for you!