Thomas Alva Edison was an American inventor, scientist, and businessman who developed hundreds of devices. Inventions such as the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and most notably the commercial incandescent light bulb have greatly influenced modern daily life. Edison made significant developments to the light bulb, and thus inventing the first one to be easily produced and available to the masses.
I have always been fascinated with invention. As a child my grandfather seemingly recognized this and gave me a mug of Thomas Edison after visiting the Edison museum. Over the years I’ve held on to that mug and reflected on Edisons life and work aesthetic. One only has to read a handful of Edison’s quotes and quips to appreciate his values of fun, a positive outlook, dedication, initiative and creativity, etc. Thomas Edison and I share many of the same values, and as a designer, his work and passion inspires me to never stop creating, and reminds me have fun while doing so.
I wanted to pay respect to Thomas Edison, and his great contributions to modern lighting by representing him in the medium of a light. The light is designed in the form of a traditional roman-style bust. Historically, busts were used to memorialize influential people after their death, providing a fitting form through which to honor Edison. The light maintains the typical proportions of an antique bust, and includes a plinth that displays Thomas Edison’s Signature. The shoulders and plinth are made from bonded marble, while the head of the sculpture is made of formed white glass, and acts as the diffuser. This piece can be easily removed for direct access to the light bulb. This uniquely imagined light is rooted in industrial history, innovation and modern design, and is playful tribute to a great inventor.