Loight is a rechargeable light for use around home. Designed for making a habit of power saving, the user carries their Loight everywhere. Each Loight has its own charging station in home entrance (wireless charging ! just need to hang, when colored parts are in front of each other it’s going to charge), turning off while it’s connected, and turning back on once it detaches, user take it when come home and carry it all over house for using it in different positions in different loights hangers, also they can adjust the intensity of light for different situations Just by turning the color button.

It have different color for every member of family that can make it more personal. The upper part of the product that is more in contact with hand made of wood for better feeling in use it can combine multiple units for family areas like the dinner table and make bright experiences of family gatherings. So when one of family members are not there, one loight is not there, lights are less so you feel that when all of family are together lights are together no space is more bright.

Inspired by the light-efficient use of lanterns. In this modern life when most of us are awake at night and do not have enough sleep every day then so we are tired at days! Loight force you to sleep and feel nights ! every loight has a limited charge and user must use it in the best way. Every family member have a own light that have different color from others. Loight provides individual lighting conditions, while minimizing wasted energy. Also loight has different stories in other contexts other than home.

Exhibited in Dubai design week global grade show 2017.