Lolumina solves the problem of interchangeable soft-release buttons for non-threaded shutter release cameras

Interchangeable soft-release buttons available for the first time for most non-threaded shutter release cameras

Seattle, WA – May 1, 2014 – Lolumina is announcing the release of the first interchangeable soft-release button for non-threaded cameras called the LO-System. For most cameras, no options exist for an interchangeable soft-release shutter button. The Lolumina LO-System soft-release button changes that to help provide a steady shot and a more tactile shooting experience in a flexible package.

“I really enjoyed the feeling of using a soft-release, but could not find an interchangeable design for my camera that didn’t have a threaded shutter button” said Timothy Ardeña, Lolumina LO-System designer. “Something so small helps so much, so I decided to make one for others so they could experience the benefits of a soft-release button.”

The Lolumina LO-System separates the soft-release button from the mount, which allows users to change the button color and type. Designed using T304 stainless steel, the mounting base comes in two different shapes to accommodate a range of shutter button curvatures. The soft-release button is CNC machined out of a solid rod of aerospace grade series 6000 aluminum, and is anodized with a protective surface treatment. With plans to release more colors and shapes in the series, the interchangeable Lolumina LO-System opens the doors to improved tactility and aesthetic options for photographers.

The new Lolumina LO-System soft-release buttons is available for sale worldwide on the Lolumina online store (www.lolumina.com). The complete kit is available in the colors: bullseye red, stealth black, and sleek silver for the retail price of $12.99 USD. Please visit www.lolumina.com to learn more.

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Lolumina is a Seattle based small-business providing camera accessories which heighten and reinforce the act of capturing the decisive moment.

Timothy Ardeña