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The Low Table Tableware from Two Squared Studio comprises of a number of plates that are stored in the table. The table measures 22 ” and the plates range in size from 18″, 14 “, 10” 6 “. Two Squared Studio is a design collective between Eddie Figueroa, Joel Álvarez, Ana Cristina Quiñones, and Elia Barreiro; four designers with different skill sets coming together under one common vision. Recently, Two Squared Studio was chosen among other designers to represent the Escuela Internacional de Diseño to develop a design project to be exhibited in the 51st edition of the “Salone del Mobile” during the 2013 Milan Design Week in Italy. Two Squared Studio developed the Low Table Tableware as a design project to exhibit in Design in Puerto Rico, in this year’s edition of Wanted Design NYC. Design in Puerto Rico, is a collective of Puerto Rican designers, debuting in this year’s edition of WantedDesign NYC. This group of emergent talents will exhibit a variety of furniture and consumer products, showcasing their contemporary design approach, influenced by a mix of global trends, digital fabrication technologies and the tropical spice from the Caribbean.