Lumio was born of a desire to give people the freedom to experience beautiful lighting wherever they are. A design that functions regardless of the constraint of space or power source. We adopted a familiar form that unfolds unexpectedly into a striking LED-powered lamp: Closed, Lumio takes the compact shape of a hardcover book. Open, it becomes a sculptural light with a versatile design that adapts to the user’s needs. The magnets concealed in the “cover” allow for positioning in a variety of forms, or for linking it with other units to create a larger fixture.

Lumio is one of the top crowd-funded projects on Kickstarter and raised nearly ten times its original funding goal. Twelve thousand units have been sold this first year. This popularity has led to partnerships with Cooper-Hewitt, various high-end retailers such as Lane Crawford and New York’s Museum of Modern Art, where the product remains one of the store’s best-sellers.