Lun . Lighting

The goal with this lighting design was to reintroduce and to hopefully help the audience gain a different point of view about Chinese culture and design. My theme was the idea of “purity” – the materials used to make the light are transparent, and when lit up the light illuminates the outline of the shape without any unnecessary decorations or details. To an average American, their familiarity with Chinese products are the mass-produced souvenirs you can find in Chinatown. No one would buy it to decorate their house with seriously, even though the original designs that these cheap imitations are copied from are actually beautifully designed. With my light, I looked to preserve the purity of the traditional design, but with a contemporary twist so that it can be incorporated into a modern day living space.

Design – Mike Chen (mikeychen.com) James Park (jungsoopark.com)
Photographic – Greg Kirkpatrick (gregorykeith.com)