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In Lima Peru, Interior Design firm Oneto/Sousa Arquitectura interior recently completed a compact design project for MadamebyMeck clothe store. The space was so small (3.73mt2) that we wanted to take a different approach with it. Instead of making it appear bigger we wanted to make it comfortable and bring a cozy feeling. Since the ceiling was very high we hang some halo spot lights to make the effect of an endless space and to have a special effect with the light on the walls. The concept we work on was a “little princess mind memories” so we cover most of the walls and stairs with a high end artificial grass and on one of the walls we putted some classic house moldings and used pale colors the make the impression of a big labyrinth garden.
For the shelves we used natural pine wood with a washed finish. In the case of the cloth, the hanger use a galvanized metal tube that resemble the pipes of old houses and the floor is covered in a black rug to make the impression of and endless space so you can feel like you are inside a special place.

Project: Madamebymeck Mini Store
Client: Madamebymeck Clothe
Date: 2011
Area: 3.70mt2
Location: San Isidro, Lima-Peru
Interior Design: Oneto/Sousa Arquitectura Interior
Photographer: Vinicios Barros