"Riding on Hope" Custom Mapuccino (can you guess the famous couple?)
"Green Lines" Edition Print (dedicated to our National Parks)
"Wrong Side Of The Tracks" Edition Print (the most dangerous neighborhoods in America)

I’m an artist based in Boston, MA. Wanted to share an artistic endeavor with you that I call “Mapuccino”. These are poster-sized digital prints that at first glance resemble subway maps. But if you look closely, the stops are personalized to capture different moments in your life. You choose the marker locations and names, I do the rest! They’re pretty popular for couples since both genders seem to appreciate their aesthetic. They’re literally one-of-a-kind! You can find out more about them here: http://www.mapuccino.com/. I’ve included a sample of a custom Mapuccino as well as two prints from my themed editions.
I have been featured in a few local newspapers, but have not been covered by any design blogs.
Thanks for your time!
Rajiv Ramaiah