My works from Designtide Tokyo 2011 exhibition.
Dubbe / High and low table system.
Gubbe-s / Shelf system
Marrow / Easy chair

I would like to show you my new works that I showed at Designtide Tokyo in Japan during design week.
I exhibited 3 different furniture, easy chair (Marrow), table legs and shelf system (Gubbe) with Japanese larch wood from Nagano prefecture where I grew up.

Marrow has designed for local design development project for Torne valley at the northern part of Sweden. The idea to make the same chair with larch wood from Nagano which I grew up. I realized that Nagano have good quality of larch trees when he participated in a larch wood competition held by Wakita Art Museum at Karuizawa. The chair is very stable and comfort which support several key points of your body in spite of its unique frame construction.

Gubbe means an “old man” in Swedish. He is very stout and useful at anytime with many wisdom. Three massive wooden legs provides stability and used for a stand of coffee table or a center table, and also become a stand of dining, office and working table by using two set. By rotating the position of the stand, it gives you three different heights. It is very easy to combine with your favorite top board.

Gubbe-S is a half size of Gubbe. It become a shelving by stacking them in between shelf board, or a hanger for small accessories or bags as a unit.

I wish you likes them.
If you need more information and pictures please contact me.