side view, photography: das schmott
top view, photography:das schmott
general view, photography:das schmott
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März: Light for Flexible Use of Space

for the office and living space, sebastian schönheit developed märz wallwasher and uplight. this simple and functional led light organizes space in its own and most unconventional way. the passive aluminum cooling system meets the precise requirements of the led technology. the clasp, which connects to the head of the lamp is both a clamp and an axle. by means of this clasp the head of the lamp can be extremely easily moved but nevertheless remain exactly in the desired position. the electronic ballast and the dali dimmer are built into the aluminium base. the on/off function and regulation of light intensity is through a dimmer switch located on the shaft to. the telescopic pole has an adjustable height
of 1600 to 2100 mm.