The set of 6 Match Book designs, with hand illustrated covers and backs, and a faux matchbox striker strip spine.
the COOL one
the HOT one
Be the STAR!
the beautiful ROSE
SCREW. Top Quality. Enough said.
End paper

I am an artist from India, founder and a part of a small team of 4, called ‘Sky Goodies’.
Sky Goodies makes illustrated paper craft DIY kits and whimsical stationery.

We try to make products that make people smile, and enjoy the little things. We are inspired by hand-painted folk and street art styles, and our design language is a mix of vintage and hand-painted Indian truck art.

We recently created a collection of MATCH BOOKS, a series of plain notebooks, which look like matchboxes, with faux striker strip on the spine.
Indian match box and truck art, on the cover of bright cheeky, handy notebooks = MATCH BOOKS!
Designs in this series: ROSE, SCREW, HOT, COOL, SMILE and STAR.

Our Etsy shop lists the notebooks and other paper products we make, both physical DIY kits with pre-cut, pre-creased sheets, and printable DIYs and organizers.

We also have a website: www.skygoodies.co, which caters to the USA and a separate one for India.
Our Facebook page is www.facebook.com/skygoodies.co

Through our products, we want to encourage people to be creative and productive; making themselves and others happy. 🙂

We would be thrilled if you have any thoughts or feedback, or if you find our work worthy of a feature.

Thanks so much for your time!