CHLOER ceiling suspended chandelier shine brightly with reflected light
CHLOE ceiling suspended chandelier made out of 4 mirrors
ACANTHA 3-dimensional wall mirror
AOIDE 3-dimensional free standing mirror
NIKE ceiling suspended lamp shine with reflected light
DIAMANTE 3-dimensional horizontal mirror
KATIA 3-dimensional wall sculpture
NYX 3-dimensional wall mirror
T4 dining table

Warsaw-based architect Mateo Tanski (www.michalewicztanski.com) collection for Rialte (www.rialte.com) sits on the wide delicious line between the abstract and the functional. Designed to provide more reflections and to brighten
the surroundings each object consists of a number of separate mirrors organized at various constellation.
The result of different angles, the new collection offers unique and surprising reflective perspectives.

A sequence of material deformations creates the illusion of different transparencies which are amplified when
installed as a series. With different sizes to choose from, Rialte mirrors are made to add drama and dimension
to its surroundings.

New Rialte collection consists of mirrors, ceiling lamps, dining table and suspended chandelier that shines with reflected light.