La Douce
La Rêveuse
La Joueuse
La Non-timide
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The Quote

” wait, do I still need a diamond? “

ménage à quatre is a new accessory for female self-pleasure, featuring a series of four rings focused on the stimulation of the clitoris and other pleasurable areas. when starting research on masturbation, it had been understood that the practice was still considered as a taboo subject in most cultures; especially when it refers to female self-pleasure.

As the sex toy industry is mostly based on the common belief that vaginal penetration will bring women to the ultimate orgasm, when in fact, the majority of sex toy is phallus-shaped. by developing a product that suggests the use of the hands as a natural and spontaneous activity – primarily focused on the exploration of the body as a way to discover and acknowledge one’s pleasure – the four rings move forward from masturbation via penetration and encourages the use of hands: an accessory to rediscover a women’s body. the elegant shape of the ring recalls the beauty and delicacy of the act, while each set of beads has been realized to trigger different sensations, carefully developed to be distinct between each one of them. they have been thought to cover a wide range of sensations, from the softest to the more intense pleasure.an uncommon yet natural experience. the structure of the four rings – la douce, la rêveuse. la joueuse, and la non-timide – have been constructed out of 95% of pure silver and the beads in high grade body-safe silicone, free of phthalates, only body safe materials. they are also waterproof and easy to wash.

ménage à quatre is currently seeking funding on indiegogo.