This pendant lamp, made of granite, is an exercise in contrasts combining the classic and the modern, the domestic and the industrial.
A new interpretation of the classic industrial lamp.  It´s all about balance, distance and proportion.
MIKA 350 is a unique product, treated with professionalism and care throughout the production process.
The gearwheel serves two functions: allows the dilatation of the metal no to break the stone and ventilate the heat from the bulb
Every shade goes through 2 different turning machines with more than 5 hours of work, which are exclusively carried out by hand.
There are 4 combinations of woods for the granite "Silvestre" oak, chestnut, sucupira and afzelia.

A\STUDIO choose granite and wood as main materials for this project, as representative in the Galician architectural tradition. MIKA 350 is a pendant lamp inspired by the “Pallozas” the houses of the ancient Celtic forts that were built in Galicia from 6th century BC.
By turning technique, we get a thin wall of stone that generates two opposite feelings, rigid and heavy stone look and the fragility of the glass due to the thin wall thickness. This is one attractive visual aspect of MIKA 350, the appearance is not true to the final weight.