The three mirrors can exist together and in this way they create a game of light reflection on many depths.
The mirrors adapt themselves easily to our actual furniture.
The mirrors can be hanged up on the most quirky locations.
The mirrors adorn a wall shelves by hiding some objects already on it.
mirror 1
mirror 1 back
mirror 2
mirror 3

Three mirrors, of various size and shape, which have the characteristic to can be hanged up and adapted to fit on any kind of support. They have been thought to exist together or separately. The “hung branchs” allow each of the three mirrors to adapt themselves to many situations. It is possible to hang them up on the right side or on the other side, on a flat surface or on a mount. A simple handle slightly hidden allows the user to hang up or drop back his mirrors and to choose the thickness of the surface which will support them.
So it is useless to stick or drill to hang up his mirrors. They become nomadic elements which adapt themselves to our needs and desires.