Cafe Drift Table

Every piece of Modern Organic Furniture is hand crafted in a private woodshop in Vermont by a single artist. This unique furniture is created with materials that come from a collection of woods retrieved from all over the world and the Lake Champlain Valley in Vermont.
Reclaimed tree roots and decayed or deceased maple or other trees make up the organic elements of his woodwork. The rarity and inconsistency of these multi-dimensional pieces makes organizing and blending the pieces with modern forms a remarkable challenge.
The base structures for the modern and linear portions of the pieces are made up of solid wenge, zebrawood, ebony, acrylic and aluminum. Other types of woods and materials are mixed into the designs when the piece calls for it. Finishes are oil based for maximal durability and active use of each piece. Colored acrylic accents are used at times to fill voids and add sparkle to the piece. Carving introduces an additional element that provides an area of transition between modern and organic.